Why Prolexic?

A Tour of Prolexic’s DDoS Security Operations Center

Take a tour of Prolexic’s advanced DDoS security operations centerand register for the white paper

Prolexic’s SOC is staffed 24/7 by the industry’s foremost DDoS experts and provides monitoring and mitigation services to the company’s global client base. Based at Prolexic’s Fort Lauderdale headquarters, mitigation engineers use more than 20 devices and proprietary technologies to block all types of DDoS attacks, far more than any other provider.

Look inside our SOC, where DDoS attack emergency calls are received and DDoS attacks stopped. Take the video tour today to see the tools that Prolexic uses to monitor and mitigate DDoS attacks and how our SOC staff coordinates to escalate alerts and block changing attack vectors in real-time.

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Find out why human DDoS expertise is critical to effective mitigation in our white paper: Man, Machine and DDoS Mitigation: The Case for Human Cyber Security Expertise.

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