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The world’s largest brands trust Prolexic for DDoS protection

Prolexic clients are typically from industries that have a high risk of DoS and DDoS denial of service attacks. In fact, ten of the world’s largest banks selected Prolexic for DDoS detection and DDoS protection services. Today Prolexic delivers DDoS protection expertise to hundreds of the world’s largest brands across a broad spectrum of industries.


We focus on DDoS mitigation

Prolexic is known globally as the only company focused on DDoS mitigation. Gartner says so, and the FBI, Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies refer customers to us, because they know our track record for the fastest DDoS mitigation of high volume and complex DDoS attacks.

Being a Prolexic customer can reduce DoS and DDoS attacks

Prolexic not only mitigates DDoS attacks successfully and quickly once they start, but simply being our customer discourages denial of service attackers from launching DDoS attacks against your website in the first place. Prolexic’s reputation and our unrivaled in-the-cloud DDoS mitigation capabilities are well known throughout the cyber underworld.

It’s easy for DDoSers to find out which companies’ network traffic will be or is being routed through the Prolexic Global Network. Experienced DDoS attackers knows it’s a waste of their time and bandwidth to try to bring your network and applications down when Prolexic, the world’s largest and best DDoS attack mitigation network, stands in the way.

Customer Feedback


“Prolexic quickly ended what could have been a devastating blow to our customer service and our reputation for reliable service.”


Utility Company representative

Finance, Banking & Insurance

“At Alliant we wanted the brains behind DDoS mitigation and that’s what Prolexic gives us.”


Bill Podborny, Chief Security Officer, Alliant Credit Union

“Prolexic’s implementation was very smooth, and we’ve had no issues with latency.”


Jamil M. Bakakat, ITG-Head of Telecoms, Arab National Bank

“After UFCU’s experience with DDoS attacks, I would encourage any credit union over US$500 million in assets to seriously consider purchasing DDoS mitigation services,”


Glen Roberts, Manager of Infrastructure & Security, University Federal Credit Union

“The fact that Prolexic protects some of the biggest banks in the world gave us confidence in their DDoS mitigation expertise.”


Director of Business Development and Operations, Henyep Capital Markets

“We like the way that Prolexic can stop attacks immediately when we route the traffic through their servers.”


Denise Vella, Information Security Officer, Ixaris Systems (EntroPay)

“As a leading payment service provider to online e-Commerce businesses in the US and around the globe, we are the trusted transaction hub for hundreds of retail and commercial customers. Working with Prolexic has helped us to provide an added level of assurance to our clients that they are behind a best in class protection service that enhances our security while ensuring the reliability of our Internet services.”


VP – Network Security, Online Payment Service Provider

“With a high availability network infrastructure plus Prolexic protection against DDoS, we can give our customers the confidence that our Forex trading platform is always secure and available.”


Ramon Chan, Systems Architect, Global eSolutions

“From a quality assurance perspective, we know that bringing in a proven DDoS expert like Prolexic is our best defense against Layer 7 attacks.”


Chief Technology Officer, Online Options Trading Firm

“Once we engaged Prolexic, the IPG payment form on the merchant’s site was back up in minutes.”


Alan Conder, Chief Executive Officer, IPG International Limited

General Business

"We wanted only the best protection and we feel that Prolexic is clearly the best DDoS mitigation provider in the industry.”


Andre Bertrand, Security Services Manager, SEEK

Government & Defense

“Prolexic played a very important role in helping JCE keep its credibility during the May 20 elections.”


Daniel Joseph, website administrator, Junta Central Electoral

High Tech

“We have learned that firewalls and intrusion protection systems are not enough to be completely protected against DDoS. We simply cannot afford downtime brought about by a DDoS attack and chose Prolexic.”


Mark Yelcick, Chief Technology Officer and Partner, OnCourse Systems for Education

Internet & Telecom

“We were really impressed when we talked with Prolexic’s engineers. The others we talked to just did not have the experience and expertise that Prolexic has.”


Ryan McElrath, CTO at Americaneagle.com

“Prolexic not only provides us with a strong guarantee of security for our hosting service, but it also lets us show our clients we have the firepower to back up our promise of DDoS mitigation.”


Thomas Hughes, Director, VirtualRoad.org

“Yola looked for a best-in-class partner that could maintain service uptime and mitigate all types of DDoS attacks, no matter how large or complex. After reviewing many options, Yola selected Prolexic. We are now able to tell our customers that they are getting premium DDoS attack protection which differentiates and increases the value of our web hosting service.”


Lisa Retief, Vice President of Engineering, Yola

Media & Entertainment

“We found that only Prolexic stood up to the level of protection that we needed and checked all the boxes.”


Spokesperson, Online Gaming Provider

“With Prolexic in place, our customers have greater confidence that the media services they rely on will always be available.”


Roberto Siano, CEO and Founder, Clickpoint!

“The fact that we have Prolexic in front of us caused that attacker to turn away.”


President, Spanish-language news website

“I knew that Prolexic has a good reputation and thought it would be a good fit. When I asked my hosting provider which vendor he would feel most comfortable with, he said Prolexic. That was enough for me.”


Brian Krebs, independent investigative reporter and author, KrebsonSecurity.com

“Prolexic is the go-to company for handling large-scale DDoS attacks.”


Senior Executive, Social Media Platform

“Prolexic gives us the strong insurance policy against DDoS attacks that we were looking for.”


Mark Johnson, Chief Financial Officer, RealVision

“… as long as Prolexic is protecting us, we know our site is safe.”


Spokesperson, Content Rating Organization


“There are many providers out there who will host your applications in the cloud to provide DDoS mitigation services, but there are very few who will do it while your site is under a DDoS attack. After narrowing down our short list to Prolexic and another provider, we chose Prolexic. We saw that Prolexic had far more experience in successfully mitigating these kinds of attacks. Most of all, Prolexic was the only provider who actually called our operations manager back at 11 p.m. on Sunday night.”


Gerry Battista, Vice President, Information Technology Operations Foundation Source


“Had we not had Prolexic to mitigate the DDoS attacks, we could have suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses, if not more.”


Roland Davoudikia, CEO, 1ink.com

“We never really expected to be the target of a DDoS attack. However, we had a DDoS mitigation solution in place from a hosting company just in case. Unfortunately, that solution could not stop the attack. I was referred to Prolexic and they had our site back up that evening and fully operational.”


Pete Ellis, Chairman and CEO Spafinder

“After exploring and testing numerous options on the market, we chose Prolexic, as its DDoS protection system showed the best results in repelling cyberattacks. We are confident that through the partnership with Prolexic, downtime will become ancient history for our company.”


Matthew Silverman, CEO PayPro Global

“We have a successful site and don’t want it to go down so that’s why we keep Prolexic’s service.”


Darin Grey, Chief Technology Officer, Swiss Watch International (worldofwatches.com)

“I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the Prolexic team.”


Brian Tinari, president, PartsGeek.com

“I must commend the Prolexic DDoS mitigation team who were on the attacks like a watchdog. That gave us the confidence that our site would be protected and available for business.”


CTO, e-Commerce company

“When the attack started we contacted several of the largest hosting partners in the U.S. for help. We migrated to the two companies that claimed to have DDoS mitigation tools that would stop the attack. When neither company could mitigate the attack, we turned to Prolexic. One after another the hosting partners stated that the attack was too complex for their mitigation tools and that there was nothing more they could do. We had already begun to research who the leaders in DDoS mitigation were and, after talking to many engineers, Prolexic was the name that kept coming up. We were so impressed by the way Prolexic handled the whole situation and how proactive they were!”


Chief Operating Officer, e-Commerce customer

“We’re confident that we’re protected with Prolexic.”


Chief Security Officer, Leading American Jewelry Designer

“Business stopped completely, which over several days cost us dearly. A network attack at any time of the year is extremely difficult for a business to deal with. For us in December, with the run up to Christmas, it could have been crippling. The longer we were offline, the more customers we were losing. When Prolexic stepped in, our business was literally saved.”


Company Director, Global Fragrance and Beauty Products Retailer

Customer Spotlight
  • Alliant Credit Union

    Prolexic DDoS protection keeps more than 50,000 daily users online

  • Fragrance and Beauty Products Retailer

    A DDoS attack takes down this popular site for 24 hours. Prolexic restores in 5 minutes.

  • Leading Online Jewelry Retailer

    A DDoS attack took down the site of a premier jewelry retailer for nearly three days.

  • Online Options Trading

    Financial services firm avoids extortion attempt. Prolexic keeps web site up during vicious Layer 7 attack.

  • e-Commerce Startup

    When others couldn't mitigate the latest DDoS attack, a "daily deal" web site called Prolexic: problem solved in 2 hours.

  • A Leading Content Rating Organization

    A 9 million packets per second DDoS attack brings down web site before Prolexic steps in.

  • Spa and Wellness Firm

    Prolexic quickly stops a combination Layer 4 and 7 DDoS attack after a host's mitigation capabilities falls short.

  • Foundation Management

    Prolexic mitigates GET flood in minutes for new client after Sunday night emergency call.

  • Web site building and hosting services firm

    Prolexic mitigates Layer 4 UDP flood peaking at 6.2 Gbps. Protects 6 million Yolasites.

  • Online Movie Subscription Service

    After seeing all traffic route to Prolexic, hackers pull the plug on DDoS attack.

  • IPG Holdings Limited

    Prolexic mitigates Layer 7 GET floods targeting payment processing platform.

  • VirtualRoad.org

    Prolexic mitigates politically motivated attacks against web hosting company's clients.

  • Financial Services Firm Global eSolutions

    Prolexic mitigates Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks against Forex trading platform.

  • Krebs on Security

    Prolexic fends off Pandora DNS amplification attacks for popular cyber security blog.

  • e-Commerce Provider of Printed Promotion Items

    Prolexic mitigates two-week Layer 7 DDoS attack campaign.

  • Global Blogging Site

    Prolexic protects freedom of speech for 30 million users targeted by six-month political DDoS campaign.

  • Online Credit Card Site

    Prolexic mitigates Layer 4 DDoS attacks against Ixaris site, EntroPay.com.

  • e-Commerce Web Site

    Prolexic mitigates 25-40 Gbps Layer 3 DDoS attacks against online auto parts retailer.

  • Timepieces e-Commerce Site

    Prolexic keeps World of Watches ticking after DDoS attack flood site.

  • PayPro Global

    Prolexic mitigates 16-hour Layer 7 DDoS attack on software distribution site.

  • Henyep Capital Markets

    Prolexic keeps Henyep accessible and trading through multiple SYN, GET and ICMP flood attacks.

  • Australia’s #1 Job Search Website

    Prolexic keeps Seek.com.au online and incident-free for millions of job seekers.

  • e-Commerce Hosting Provider for Top Tier Sites

    Prolexic keeps Americaneagle.com and its customers generating revenue

  • Customer ROI requires online accessibility and reliability

    Prolexic ensures Clickpoint! Media's online services are available and incident-free

  • University Federal Credit Union

    Prolexic's mitigation services now protect credit union with US$1.6 Billion in assets

  • 1ink.com

    Prolexic mitigates 70 Gbps SYN flood DDoS attack for popular ink retailer

  • Arab National Bank

    Builds strong DDoS defense to serve online banking customers and e-trade site

  • OnCourse Systems for Education

    Prolexic succeeded where two other mitigation firms failed

  • Data Breaches Fuel Login Attacks

    Attackers automate login attempts

  • Threat: Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Target iOS and Android

    Attacks install Xsser mRAT, phish on mobile devices

  • Strategies for Cyber-Attack Protection: Managed Web Security Services

    Protect your business with managed web security services