Case Study

DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

Prolexic mitigates Layer 3, 4 and 7 DDoS attacks for financial services firm, Global eSolutions

High volume attack and ransom demands against online foreign exchange firm thwarted by Prolexic’s protective action

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Cybercriminals go where the money is. Recently, a client of Global eSolutions, a provider of trading technology for online foreign exchange (Forex), was the victim of ransom demands and an aggressive, high volume attack. In retaliation, Global eSolutions secured the protection of Prolexic against these Layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks, mitigating the threat and avoiding future losses. Download this case study to read about this high volume attack and how it was thwarted.

“Until management received an e-mail with a ransom demand in exchange for not being attacked, the firm had never experienced anything to do with DDoS. Days later, after receiving no response from management, Layer 3 and Layer 4 volumetric floods brought down the web site for approximately four hours. A second, more damaging application layer attack occurred three weeks later, which rendered the trading platform almost inaccessible to online traders.”

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