Attack Report

DoS and DDoS Attack Report

Intense 20 Gbps DDoS attacks became the new norm in Q3 2012

Prolexic mitigated 88 percent more DDoS denial of service attacks in Q3 2012 compared to a year earlier.

Q3 attacks were shorter – but more intense

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Prolexic quarterly DDoS attack reports are based on data collected during denial of service attacks against Prolexic’s global customer base. As the world’s leading DDoS protection and DDoS mitigation service, Prolexic is ideally positioned to collect valuable data on the origins, tactics, types, and targets of DoS and DDoS attacks and identify emerging trends.

Through data forensics and post attack analysis, Prolexic builds a global view of denial of service attacks. The information in these reports can help your enterprise adopt DDoS protection best practices and make more informed, proactive decisions about denial of service threats.

DDoS trends at a glance

Compared to Q3 2011

  • 88 percent increase in total number of DDoS attacks
  • Significant decrease in average attack duration: 19 hours vs. 33 hours
  • 230 percent increase in average attack bandwidth

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