Attack Report

DoS and DDoS Attack Report

50+ Gbps DDoS attacks become common, plus a look at how Brobot infections keep changing, and attack trends

Global DDoS Attack Report reveals the increasing scale and diversity of DDoS attacks in Q4 2012. And why it’s so hard to take down botnets like Itsoknoproblembro.

Third quarter attacks of 20 Gbps were surpassed in the fourth quarter by even larger attacks of 50+ Gbps against clients in the financial services, e-Commerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) industries.

This DDoS Attack Report includes:

  • Analysis of recent DDoS attacks

  • What you can learn from recent DDoS attacks

  • Types and frequency of application layer attacks

  • Types and frequency of infrastructure attacks

  • Trends in attack types, frequency and size

  • Where and when DDoSers launch attacks

  • Why it’s so difficult to stop the spread of itsoknoproblembro (BroDoS) botnets

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