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DoS and DDoS Attack Report

Q2 2013 saw 1000% increases in average DDoS attack bandwidth and packet-per-second rates

Global DDoS Attack Report reveals dramatic increases in the size, strength and length of DDoS attacks compared to last year.

The average packet-per-second (pps) rate reached 47.4 Mpps and the average bandwidth reached 49.24 Gbps based on data collected in Q2 2013. These metrics represent increases of 1,655 percent and 925 percent respectively.

The DDoS Attack Report goes into much more detail, including:

  • Analysis of recent DDoS attack trends

  • Breakdown of average Gbps/Mpps statistics

  • Year-over-year and quarter-by-quarter analysis

  • Types and frequency of application layer attacks

  • Types and frequency of infrastructure attacks

  • Trends in attack frequency, size and sources

  • Where and when DDoSers launch attacks

  • Case study and analysis

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