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Q4 2013 saw growing use of opt-in mobile DDoS apps

Ready availability, ease of use, expected to fuel future DDoS attack campaigns

The Q4 2013 Global DDoS Attack Report analyzes the growing threat of mobile DDoS attack apps, which allow users to opt-in to DDoS attack campaigns. Traditional thinking dismissed the threat from mobile devices due to limited computing power. However, technological advances, ease of use and the exponential increase in the use of mobile devices have combined to pose an increasing threat.

Additionally, mobile networks use super proxies, making it more difficult to filter bad traffic from legitimate traffic, complicating DDoS mitigation efforts.

Prolexic’s latest DDoS attack report also shows that Q4 2013 once again set a new record in DDoS activity. Compared to the same quarter one year ago, total attack volume increased 26 percent. A week-by-week comparison to Q4 2012 shows increases in attack volume across eight of the 12 weeks of the quarter.

The Q4 2013 report covers:

  • Analysis of recent DDoS attack trends, including mobile app usage and the growing Asian DDoS threat
  • Breakdown of average Gbps/Mpps statistics
  • Year-over-year and quarter-by-quarter analysis
  • Types and frequency of application layer attacks
  • Types and frequency of infrastructure attacks
  • Trends in attack frequency, size and sources
  • Where and when DDoSers launch attacks
  • Case study and analysis

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