Case Study

DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

Prolexic Brings Auction Site Back Online in Minutes After Layer 3 DDoS Attack

Emergency DDoS mitigation service thwarts hackers’ extortion plot

For two days, hackers pummeled the auction site with distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and demanded a ransom to call off the siege. When management refused to pay, the prolonged attack overwhelmed their hosting service’s firewall and left them scrambling for a solution.

The hosting provider black holed the auction site to prevent damage to other sites, bringing business to a halt for six long hours. Unable to stop the Layer 3 attack, it then recommended Prolexic for DDoS mitigation services. Prolexic’s engineers had the auction site back online and accepting bids within minutes. Using a range of DDoS mitigation techniques, engineers pinpointed the source of the malicious traffic, neutralized it and successfully blocked further attacks.


It’s difficult to put a dollar value on an outage, but it was definitely significant in terms of our reputation. Prolexic responded to our initial request for help with great speed and our site was back online almost immediately. After Prolexic took over, the DDoS attackers never returned.

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