Case Study

DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

DDoS Attackers Know Who’s Protected by Prolexic – and Who’s Not

Prolexic stops renewed DDoS attacks after DDoS protection contract was dropped

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A major content rating agency was taken offline by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. With no DDoS defenses in place, the agency called Prolexic for DDoS protection. In just a few minutes Prolexic had restored the website.

One year of successful DDoS protection later, the agency concluded it must no longer be a target DDoS hackers and dropped its DDoS protection services contract.

Clever DoS and DDoS attackers can determine who is and who isn’t protected by Prolexic, however, and within days the content rating agency was attacked again, this time with an even bigger and more sophisticated DDoS denial of service attack.

The organization turned once again to Prolexic for DDoS protection.


“Our site hadn’t come under attack in the months that Prolexic was protecting it, so we believed that we had fallen off the radar of the person or persons who had been attacking us. Within days of the Prolexic contract ending, the rating agency’s web site was under attack again – a SYN flood of such excessive bandwidth that it quickly consumed the site’s resources. Having tried every mode of attack from Layer 3 to Layer 7, the attackers had scaled up the attack to a 3.3 Gbps and 9 million packets per second. This brought down the site once again, compromising the rating agency’s business continuity.”

Protect your organization from DoS and DDoS attacks. In this case study you’ll learn about the DDoS attacks faced by this content rating agency and how Prolexic stopped those attacks each time.

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