Case Study

DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

Prolexic mitigates multiple DDoS attacks against virtual credit card site,

Cybercriminals attempt to extort financial services firm for DDoS protection until Prolexic stepped in

Hackers are increasingly targeting financial institutions with an unprecedented barrage of DoS and DDoS attacks. EntroPay, a virtual credit card site run by Ixaris Systems, was targeted by greedy cybercriminals who demanded protection money. When the company did not comply, the malicious actors took down the site with a series of massiveLayer 4 SYN, ICMP and UDP Floods DDoS attacks.

Since signing up with Prolexic, EntroPay has repelled a wide range of significant DDoS attacks, and their site has remained up.


After the first attack, Ixaris relied on a hardware appliance from its ISP to protect EntroPay from future DDoS attacks. However, this solution failed when EntroPay was hit with an attack with traffic volume exceeding the appliance’s limit of 100Mbps. A consultant recommended Prolexic as the only DDoS mitigation provider who could quickly and successfully mitigate high volume attacks.

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