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DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

Hosting Service Couldn’t Protect Spafinder from Application Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS Attacks

Prolexic technicians provided prompt DDoS protection and helped solve other problems, too

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A combination distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack took down the site Spafinder at the worst possible time – the holiday season.

When the attack started, Spafinder’s 24/7 call center was flooded with complaints that customers could not access the web site to view wellness content, redeem gift certificates or spend rewards points. Ironically, the call center agents needed to access the website themselves to help customers, but they couldn’t since the site was down.

On the recommendation of another company’s CEO, Spafinder turned to Prolexic for DDoS denial of service protection.

Prolexic got the site back up at full capacity by 6 a.m. the next morning.


“Although Spafinder’s hosting company had told Ellis that this was a very sophisticated DDoS attack that was difficult to mitigate, Prolexic technicians immediately recognized it as a combination Layer 4 and Layer 7 attack – a common type that they had dealt with many times before. I never would have thought that we [Spafinder] needed DDoS protection.”

Protect your organization from DoS and DDoS attacks. In this case study you’ll learn how Spafinder and faced DDoS denial of service attacks and fought back with the help of Prolexic’s DDoS protection service. DDoS attacks end here.

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