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DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

DDoS Protected Hosting Service is Now a Selling Point for This Prolexic Customer

Find out how Prolexic provided fast-response DDoS protection and rerouted hosting service Yola’s 6 million customer sites in just 3 days

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The website building and hosting service Yola has experienced enviable success, garnering over 6 million customers since its 2007 launch by offering a basic website building and hosting service to small businesses. But along with its success have come serious growing pains.

The hosting service suffered from a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against its customers. For a while, Yola successfully mitigated the DDoS denial of service attacks on its own. Eventually, however, the company was hit with a DDoS attack so large that it brought down Yola’s data center and affected upstream ISPs in a large part of Boston and the surrounding area, as well.

Yola was given an ultimatum: find a reliable DDoS mitigation service before we bring your servers back up.


“Everywhere we inquired, we were told that Prolexic was the best. Prolexic technicians quickly determined that the DDoS attack was a very large Layer 4 UDP flood with peak bits per second of 6.2 Gbps and peak packets per second of 650 Kbps. The attack was mitigated almost immediately.”

Protect your organization from denial of service (DoS) and DDoS attacks. In this case study you’ll learn how the Yola hosting service and its customers faced DDoS attacks, fought back and won. DDoS attacks end here.

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