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DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study – Finance, Banking & Insurance

Arab National Bank chooses Prolexic to protect its websites against DDoS attacks.

Find out why.

In a world with bigger, stronger, longer and more frequent DDoS attacks, can your business afford the damage from a DDoS attack?

Global financial services firms are favored targets for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Arab National Bank asked itself the question: Could it afford an attack? – and answered with a resounding “No.” That’s why ANB chose Prolexic for proactive, effective DDoS protection.


“Prolexic could give us 24/7 monitoring plus the bandwidth capacity and flexibility to route both national and international traffic through its global scrubbing centers,” says Alrebdi Al Rebdi, Head of Information Security at ANB. “That, plus a time-to-mitigate SLA, gave us the confidence that Prolexic could protect ANB against DDoS.”

Download the case study, Arab National Bank Builds a Strong Defense Against DDoS Attacks, to learn more about why ANB chose Prolexic and how the bank graded prospective DDoS mitigation vendors against 18 rigorous requirements – and then selected the highest scoring service: Prolexic.

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