Case Study

DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

Freedom of Speech Protected From DDoS Attack Campaign on a Popular Blogging Site

Politically motivated hackers tried to put this online media company under siege, but met defeat with Prolexic on the front lines

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Politics are a common motivator for battle – even for DoS and DDoS attacks.One global media site with a strong, politically active blogging platform was the target of a relentless six-month long denial of service attack, geared at preventing certain points of view from gaining an audience. Download this case study to read about this dogged but failed attempt to silence free speech.


“From the forensics we’ve gathered, we can see that this attack campaign is most likely politically motivated, and not so much targeted at the blogging site itself, but rather at the often incendiary political views that certain bloggers post there. Often a DDoS attacker will use two or maybe three attack types at most, but the attacks on the blogging site were somewhat unique because they were so varied.”

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