Case Study

DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

Prolexics Mitigates Two-Week DDoS Attack Campaign,Ensures e-Commerce Site is Open for Business During Critical Season

Damages from DDoS attacks can cost e-Commerce sites as much as US$90,000 to US$6.5 million per hour. Are you protected?

DDoS attacks do more than break through the security protocols of an e-Commerce site – they damage the revenue and reputation of the company as well. A recent Sys-Con Media report shows that on average, e-Commerce sites lose US$220,000 per hour when their sites are down. In addition, share prices have been known to drop as much as to 5 percent. When this e-Commerce site came under attack, they needed to act quickly to minimize damages and keep business flowing. That’s why they hired Prolexic.

Since signing up with Prolexic, EntroPay has repelled a wide range of significant DDoS attacks, and their site has remained up.

Excerpt from the case study:

“This situation had the potential to severely impact revenue since it was our busiest and most profitable month. It could have been far worse if not for Prolexic.”

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