Case Study

DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

Cyber attackers are now targeting utilities. Isn’t it time you knew how to protect your business from them?

First it was e-Commerce. Then it was banks. Now, malicious hackers are targeting utilities.

In separate attacks during the same weekend, two utility companies were hit with DDoS attacks, sounding alarms throughout the industry.

Here’s are some highlights of the attack described in this case study:

  • Outage: 48 hours

  • DDoS attackers took down:

    • Website

    • Online payment system

    • Automated pay-by-phone billing system

    • Email

  • Customers affected: nearly 1 million electric, water and sewer customers

Don’t be the next DDoS victim. Protect your customers, your revenues and your assets. Download the case study to learn what this utility company did when it was confronted with a crippling attack – and how it fought back.

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