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DoS and DDoS Attack Mitigation Case Study

Cyber Criminals Target Whistle Blower Blogging Site

Cyber security blog that unveils cybercrimes and their perpetrators hit by escalating DDoS attacks until Prolexic fought back

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Blog owner Brian Krebs was in Las Vegas for the Black Hat convention and was minutes away from a live interview with one of the conference leaders when availability of became spotty and eventually went down. Junk traffic was being pushed to the site by a DNS amplification DDoS denial of service attack.

Ultimately, a series of four escalating denial of service attacks were launched against the site. Krebs speculates that the DDoS attacks came in response to a story he had posted several hours before.


“My hosting provider said, ‘Brian, the DNS attack is really starting to affect our other customers.’ Thankfully, even as I was conducting the interview, they were able to help me transition the site’s DNS to Prolexic’s and help mitigate that portion of the attack,” Krebs said.

“When I asked my hosting provider which vendor he would feel most comfortable with, he said Prolexic. That was enough for me.”

Protect your organization from DoS and DDoS attacks. In this case study you’ll learn how Krebs on Security fought off DNS amplification attacks and Layer 7 flood attacks with Prolexic’s DDoS protection service.

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