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DDoS Protection and Mitigation Videos

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest DDoS trends as well as DDoS detection and mitigation tools and techniques.

Watch these videos to learn how to you can stop DDoS attacks and choose the best DDoS protection provider, then visit and subscribe to the Prolexic YouTube channel.

Discover how Akamai & Prolexic will work together to provide the most comprehensive web security and data center protection for the evolving cyber threat landscape. 4:22 minutes
A Tour of Prolexic’s DDoS Security Operations Center
Look inside our SOC, where DDoS attack emergency calls are received and DDoS attacks stopped. See the advanced tools that we use and learn how our SOC engineers escalate alerts and block changing attack vectors in real-time. 6:10 minutes
Fighting Back Against DDoS Attacks
This video provides an overview of DDoS attacks, DDoS protection, and the DDoS protection service provided by Prolexic, the largest and most trusted DDoS mitigation service provider. 5:49 minutes
PLXportal: Sharp, up-to-the minute views of your entire network perimeter
Prolexic customers have a unique DDoS protection resource: the PLXportal. Watch and analyze DDoS attacks in real-time with drill-down detail for deep network analysis. 3:21 minutes
Prolexic In Action: Mitigating a 160 Gbps DDoS Attack
In April 2013, Prolexic mitigated a sustained multi-vector DDoS attack, peaking at 160 Gbps and 120 packets-per-second (pps), against one of our enterprise clients. The video illustrates Prolexic’s DDoS mitigation process in the cloud. 3:22 minutes
Two Banks Under the Same DDoS Attack
See the vast differences in website response between a Prolexic client averaging only two second response times while under active DDoS attack and a competing financial institution plagued by outages and lengthy delays. 2:39 minutes
DDoS Protection: 12 Questions to Ask a DDoS Mitigation Provider
Choosing a DDoS mitigation provider is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Learn 12 powerful questions that will help you identify the right DDoS mitigation provider for your business. 2:12 minutes
Lights Out: How Do You Know If a DDoS Mitigation Provider Can Protect Your Business
Will a DDoS attack shut down your business and put you and your customers in the dark? 1:21 minutes

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