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Booter Shell Scripts DDoS Threat Advisory

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Booter shell scripts, a DDoS denial of service hacking tool, threatens to ramp up the technical sophistication, design and deployment of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

As a community service, the Prolexic Security Engineering and Research Team (PLXsert) identifies distributed denial of service DDoS threats and issues regular threat advisories. Get this DDoS threat report from Prolexic to learn about booter shell scripts and how to protect your organization from these DDoS attacks.

Booter shells:

  • Lower the barrier to entry for launching DDoS attacks, even novices can do it
  • Are freely available in the hacker underground
  • Target web servers and don’t require vast networks of infected zombie computers.

About Prolexic DDoS threat advisories

Designed to provide early warnings of new or modified DDoS denial of service attack signatures and scripts, DDoS threat advisories describe the:

  • Type of DDoS attack
  • DDoS attack signatures used
  • Infrastructure element(s) or application(s) that this DDoS attacktargets.

In addition, PLXsert provides:

  • Insight into the nature of the denial of service attack
  • Warnings about how the attack could affect your business
  • DDoS threat remediation tips to help you recognize the new attack signatures and proactively defend against them.

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