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DoS and DDoS Attack Threat Advisory – Drive – Dirt Jumper

How to stop DDoS attacks from the Drive toolkit

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks from the Drive DDoS toolkit can sidetrack IT security personnel while criminals transfer funds out of bank accounts, gather passwords for later use, or place unauthorized orders

In recent weeks, Prolexic has detected, stopped and mitigated DDoS attacks launched from the Drive DDoS toolkit, a newer variant of the Dirt Jumper DDoS toolkit. Although these attacks are cousins to Dirt Jumper, they have new signatures and communication patterns, which are revealed in this threat advisory.

Many organizations are not aware when they are under attack from the Drive toolkit, because the application attacks it uses increase server utilization without excessive network traffic. The information in this DDoS Threat Advisory can help you detect these attacks.

This DDoS threat advisory includes:

  • Analysis of two payloads found in the wild
  • A summary of the capabilities of the Drive toolkit
  • IDS signatures that can be used to detect incoming attack vectors from the toolkit

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