DoS and DDoS Attack Threat Advisory

PLXsert issues detailed mitigation rules for itsoknoproblembro DDoS threat

30-page DDoS Threat Advisory analyzes 11 attack signatures, offers free log analysis tool

The multi-tiered itsoknoproblembro DDoS toolkit has been identified in a spate of damaging attacks against the banking, hosting and energy industries. It is considered to be a critical DDoS threat that leverages a unique, two-tier command mode to launch multiple high-bandwidth attack types simultaneously.

Some of these attacks have peaked at 70 Gbps and more than 30 million pps, a magnitude of traffic that typically overwhelms most network infrastructures.

This threat advisory includes:

  • Details on how the toolkit operates and how it has evolved

  • Analysis of the toolkit files

  • Profiles of 11 different attack signatures, with detailed SNORT rules for DDoS mitigation

  • Detection rules to identify infected web servers (bRobots)

  • A free log analysis tool ( that can be used to pinpoint which scripts were accessed, by what IP address and for what DDoS targets, to aid sanitization efforts

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