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How to choose a DDoS protection service: 12 questions to ask first

There are many companies in the DoS and DDoS denial of service protection industry. While some DDoS mitigation providers are much better and more qualified than others, we’re all essentially promising the same thing. So how do you know which DDoS protection companies are all talk and which company – when the biggest, most sophisticated DDoS attack targets your business – will deliver quick and successful DDoS mitigation when you need it most? Simple. Ask these questions:

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Prolexic has nearly 9 years of experience of successful DDoS mitigation of more than 30,000 DDoS denial of service attacks, including the largest and most complex ever seen. Our technicians receive ongoing training in the latest DDoS mitigation methods, most of which have been developed by Prolexic as proprietary tools not available anywhere else.
Our DDoS protection service successfully mitigates anywhere from 10 to 80 attacks every day – even the DDoS attacks that other DDoS mitigation providers cannot defeat. In fact, other providers often refer their DDoS attack customers to us after they’ve tried for several days and failed to mitigate an attack.
Prolexic typically mitigates a DDoS attack within 5 to 20 minutes after our customers’ traffic starts flowing through one or more of our globally distributed, state-of-the-art scrubbing centers. In fact, Prolexic is the first and only company to stand behind a 15-minute time-to-mitigation service level agreement (SLA) for DDoS mitigation.
We maintain available DDoS attack bandwidth in excess of 2.3 Tbps through our global traffic scrubbing centers. This bandwidth is via multi-carrier arrangements, peering and strategic deployment of resources to effectively mitigate DDoS attack traffic closest to its sources. The availability of this attack bandwidth gives Prolexic a substantial advantage over any single ISP that must rely only on the capacity of its own backbone.
Prolexic has a distributed global network of state-of-the-art DDoS traffic scrubbing centers in the Americas, Asia, and Europe – strategically positioned to fight the largest and most active concentrations of botnets at their sources. Because we dedicate more bandwidth to DDoS attack traffic than any other provider – supplemented by proprietary tools, techniques, and experienced security experts – we have been able to handle the largest denial of service attacks ever launched.
DDoS protection and mitigation is our only business at Prolexic, so everyone here is devoted to fighting DDoS attacks. Prolexic operates a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed by a team of front-line DDoS experts. This capability is critical because many DDoS attacks are concerted efforts by live attackers, so success against the most sophisticated DDoSerscan only be achieved by reacting in real time to their actions and supplementing automated anti-DDoS tools with live human expertise. In this way, it is possible to distribute DDoS attack loads and combat denial of service attacks with characteristics that have never been seen before.
Prolexic invests heavily in the development of its own proprietary, patent-pending DDoS mitigation technology that we continually update and enhance to always stay one step ahead of new, emerging DDoS attack signatures and randomized attacks.
Prolexic DDoS protection solutions leverage the world’s largest DDoS mitigation network, proprietary filtering techniques, advanced routing, and patent-pending anti-DDoS devices to combat all types of DDoS denial of service attacks – including Layer 7 and SSL, which often overwhelm other DDoS mitigation providers. We are the only DDoS mitigationprovider able to perform application-based DDoS monitoring to detect and alert on attacks against your applications..
Prolexic technicians detect and fight randomized GET flood DDoS attacks every day. They have the extensive training and live DDoS attack monitoring experience to match skills – in real-time while the attack is taking place – with the most sophisticated attacker and win every time.
Prolexic is the global leader in mitigating zero-day DDoS attacks, and we have the evidence to prove it. Download our case studies and learn how Prolexic has helped some of the biggest brands in e-Commerce, online gaming, the financial industry, web hosting, and others get back online within minutes after their existing DDoS provider or in-house DDoS mitigation appliance failed.
Prolexic has successfully fought high-volume multi-event, randomized DDoS attacks that have reached unprecedented peak levels of 69 million packets per second, bandwidth of 45 Gbps of traffic per second, and 15,000 connections per second. Prolexic can monitor your websites and protect them from all DDoS attacks – no matter how frequent, large or complex – and we don’t charge per-attack fees to do so. You can invoke our DDoS mitigation services as often as you need to protect your business, and you’ll always know what final costs will be. In addition, we provide intelligence on the latest DDoS threats in our quarterly attack reports, along with more frequent threat advisories, to help you understand the current threat landscape and prepare for potential attacks.
Blackholing your IP traffic is not part of Prolexic's strategy – it accomplishes the aim of the DDoS attacker. Prolexic further works to ensure that no legitimate traffic is ever halted to your site. We are happy to provide more detailed answers to all of these questions – simply contact us by clicking here or call us at + 1 (888) 368 2923.Once you compare our responses to other DDoS protection you’ll recognize that in the DDoS detection and mitigation industry, no one provides better DDoS protection than Prolexic.

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