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PLXplanner is a suite of tools that helps you pinpoint vulnerabilities in your DDoS protection strategy, so you can take proactive steps to stay ahead of malicious hackers - and keep your network and websites running 24x7.

Our years of experience successfully mitigating the largest and most sophisticated DDoS attacks have led to the development of PLXplanner for your benefit. Because PLXplanner is 100 percent focused on DDoS attacks and asks a series of in-depth questions, you can obtain accurate results that reflect your unique IT and networking environment, customized to your role and responsibilities.

Choose the PLXplanner that is right for your role.

PLXplanner - Technology

Understand where your IT infrastructure is most at risk, how to reduce your vulnerability and protect your network from specific types of DDoS attacks.

PLXplanner - Operations

A DDoS attack can disrupt your website, email systems, call centers, VoIP networks and accessibility to information that customers and other users need 24/7. Discover what you can do to ensure all operations are prepared with a strong DDoS defense.

PLXplanner - Executive

DDoS attacks present a significant business risk to many organizations, especially when you don't have a strong mitigation strategy in place. Get a customized risk assessment for your organization.

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