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How to Select a DDoS Mitigation Provider

As more and more distributed denial of service (DDoS) providers enter the marketplace, it’s becoming harder to choose between them – especially when they all make similar claims. Use this DDoS mitigation infographic to cut through the hype and evaluate providers on the most critical aspects of DDoS protection.

This DDoS mitigation infographic explains the importance of:

  • Bandwidth capacity dedicated to DDoS mitigation and ability to support multiple attacks at once
  • Specialist versus generalist DDoS mitigation service providers
  • A documented time-to-mitigate service level agreement (SLA) and reading the fine print
  • Flat-rate pricing for any number of attacks
  • Immediate access to mitigation experts fighting the DDoS attack on your behalf
  • Evidence of attack mitigation and expertise in stopping DDoS attacks
  • A secure online portal that is refreshed frequently

Get the IDC Analyst Connection now

IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice, recently published an IDC Analyst Connection where security systems program director Christina Richmond answers 5 key questions about distributed denial of service (DDoS) and DDoS mitigation services:

  • How long do DDoS events typically last and what are the business impacts?
  • What are the key attributes to look for in a DDoS mitigation provider?
  • How much real-time network visibility should a DDoS mitigation vendor provide?
  • Why choose a specialist provider?
  • Are application attack (Layer 7) mitigation capabilities a requirement?

As a sponsor of the report, Prolexic can provide you free access for a limited time. Before your website is targeted by a cyber-attack, download What to Look for in a DDoS Mitigation Service.

Want even more guidance? DDoS mitigation and protection is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Ask the right questions to ensure you pick the right services for your business: 12 Questions to Ask a DDoS Mitigation Provider.