DDoS Attacks Against Global Markets | Cyber attacks | White paper

DDoS Attacks Against Global Markets

Are DDoS cyber attackers trying to manipulate stock prices and trading markets? The DDoS experts in Prolexic’s Security Engineering and Research Team think so. This PLXsert white paper shares cyber intelligence gathered from nearly a dozen significant DDoS cyber-attacks and the resulting market effects.

The attacks targeted major companies, financial services organizations and trading platforms, among others. PLXsert also introduces you to the primary perpetrators responsible for the cyber-attacks.


“The campaigns created a climate of fear, uncertainty and doubt in the financial industry, with rumors that some financial institutions had decided to go offline completely to avoid exposure to these attacks.”

In this white paper, PLXsert shares its insight into the use of DDoS cyber-attacks to influence stock prices and limit trading, including:

  • An explanation of market manipulation
  • Details about 10 DDoS attack campaigns and their market effects
  • Insight into the perpetrators, attack methods and their public statements for each campaign
  • Types of malicious actors and their motives
  • The three named groups responsible for most attacks
  • The underground ecosystem that supports DDoS cyber attackers

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