When a DDoS Attack Strikes, Will Your Enterprise Have a Plan?

Learn the steps your enterprise can take now to prepare for and maintain business continuity during a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack

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According to Forrester Consulting, the average revenue per hour loss during a Layer 7 DDoS attack is US$220,000, not to mention the frustration and eroding confidence of customers and business partners who cannot access web-based services and/or information. Fortunately, the panic that typically grips an organization at the outset of a DDoS attack can be avoided. All it takes is a little forethought and planning.

Read this white paper to learn why it is essential to make DDoS mitigation part of your incident response plan. You’ll discover some practical steps you can take to build and test a mitigation playbook to protect your organization. The paper also illustrates how a well-rehearsed DDoS mitigation plan can help you face an attack with more confidence, control and calm.


“DDoS attacks are deliberate, targeted events – happening on a daily basis – that demand a preparedness plan much like homeowners preparing for hurricane season. When the hurricane inevitably hits, they don’t panic and the damage to the home is minimal because they knew what to expect. When it comes to DDoS mitigation, a playbook can be essential to a controlled, streamlined response to a DDoS attack.”

Don’t be caught unprepared for a DDoS attack. Learn about the three most important components to put in your DDoS attack incident response plan and how to ensure the plan will work if and when a DoS or DDoS denial of service attack strikes your enterprise.

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