The Executive’s Guide to DDoS Protection

An executive’s briefing on the fundamentals of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and how to protect your organization

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A long parade of websites, some of them the biggest names and best-protected on the Internet, have been taken offline by malicious attackers and distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). A DDoS attack blizzard of unsolicited website requests can have huge consequences for an enterprise:

  • Monetary damages as high as $6.5 million per hour for a large firm
  • Permanent damage to an organization’s reputation and the trust of its customers

Intelligently deployed DDoS protection using the many technologies available to enterprise IT departments can effectively mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack.

In this white paper you’ll come to understand:

  • How clever DDoS hackers further multiply their hordes of zombie machines to create more damage
  • How your site traffic numbers might not be from legitimate prospects
  • The effects a DDoS attack may have on your online presence
  • The best ways for IT staff to respond to a live DDoS attack
  • How to plan for and protect against DDoS attacks


“The basic idea behind a denial of service attack is quite simple. An attacker wishing to prevent a website or server from functioning correctly directs a large amount of requests – sometimes meaningless and sometimes legitimate – or other traffic to the target. Enough traffic and the target’s performance will begin to suffer as it is forced to devote increasing amounts of its capacity to dealing with the flood of requests. Pile on more requests and all traffic comes to a halt.”

Don’t let your enterprise be a casualty of a DDoS attack. Find out more about the fundamentals of DoS and DDoS attacks and how to protect your enterprise.

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