How Will Your Organization Defend Against DDoS Attacks?

Anti-DDoS strategies for the network, transport and application layers

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The complexity and scale of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasing steadily with DDoS attackers moving up the stack to focus on the application layer rather than the network. DDoS attackers and hacktivists are effective because:

  • 90 percent of security investments are still focused on network security, even though 75 percent of DDoS attacks target the application layer.
  • More than 90 percent of DDoS security vulnerabilities exist at the application layer – not the network layer.

As DoS and DDoS denial of service attacks become more dynamic and sophisticated, blocking DDoS attacks depends upon on a strategic combination of proprietary DDoS mitigation technology tested under simulated denial of service attack conditions and the vast experience of expert human technicians who can adjust and react as attackers change their attack types.

For a complete DDoS defense against all types of denial of service attacks, DDoS detection and mitigation services must be provided at all three layers: network, transport, and application, including HTTPS.


“The first step to obtaining a foothold against DDoS attacks is to gain knowledge of the characteristics of the most common types of threats. Then it is possible to build a mitigation strategy to fight back, as well as made a web site less vulnerable and attractive to attackers.

“Most importantly, IT managers and Internet systems managers should understand the characteristics of a Layer 7 attack. Layer 7 attacks are often the most difficult to mitigate because (they) overwhelm the server with fully established connections and flood the server with requests that appear to be originating from legitimate users.”

Don’t let your enterprise be a casualty of a DDoS attack. Learn how to defend against Layer 7 DDoS attacks in this whitepaper.

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