Planning for and Validating a DDoS Defense

A paper-based DDoS response plan – or a promise from a vendor to step in with DDoS mitigation if the need arises – may fail when under DDoS attack.

If you haven’t validated your DDoS protection you’re not alone. Typically, the first time it gets put to the test is when the first DDoS attack strikes. The result: extended downtime while you search for a new solution or provider because the promised level of protection did not measure up.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • Multiple ways to validate your DDoS protection, whether it is from an internal IT group, appliances, an ISP, telco, content delivery network or pure play provider
  • How to create a DDoS mitigation playbook to keep staff calm and informed
  • Best practices for working with a DDoS mitigation provider


“These scenarios, which unfortunately are all too typical, were provided by online businesses who sought Prolexic’s services after other mitigation approaches and providers failed.

(They) illustrate how a lack of planning, improper deployment and not validating a DDoS mitigation service can cause panic and losses to organizations that thought:

  • DDoS wouldn’t happen to them, or
  • Appliances or add-on mitigation services from a CDN or ISP would work against all types of attacks.”

It’s too risky to test your DDoS protection under emergency attack conditions. Be proactive. Validate your DDoS defense strategy with the best practices in this white paper.

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