Develop More Accurate Analysis of DDoS Threat Levels

Learn how to combine two scoring systems for better risk ratings

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks pose a significant threat to most businesses, jeopardizing networks, websites and even revenues. But accurately assessing the risk levels – and the potential impact has never been easy.

In this new white paper, Prolexic explains how to combine two scoring systems to develop a better picture of your DDoS risk level and vulnerabilities.


“Combining the threat classification of the MIDAS system with the NIST CVSSv2 scoring system enables businesses to immediately assess the risk of various types of DDoS attacks against specific network resources.

By using the MIDAS system to define attack types, businesses are able to tailor the CVSS analysis toward a more accurate risk rating, providing an understanding of both the targets and the sizes of incoming attacks.”

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