Protect your e-Commerce from DDoS attacks during the holiday shopping season

Safeguarding e-Commerce Revenues in Q4

Get best practices for DDoS protection and keep holiday revenues flowing

With holiday sales accounting for up to 40 percent of retailers’ annual revenues, ensuring your site is responsive and available is critical. An extended outage – or even lengthy response times caused by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can be
devastating to sales revenues, you search engine rank and your brand.


“In addition to financial losses, whether the DDoS distributed denial of service attack takes a site offline for minutes, hours, or days, the e-Commerce site’s brand perception suffers damage on multiple levels, especially during the holidays. Some customers will turn to competitors to complete their holiday shopping and may never return, while others may post their complaints about the site outage on social media networks for the whole world to see.”

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The consequences to DDoS-driven downtime
  • The main effects of DDoS attacks
  • Warning signs that your site could be targeted
  • Best practices for DDoS survival
  • How to make DDoS part of your disaster recovery plan

Before your website is targeted by a cyber attack, download the Safeguarding e-Commerce Revenues from DDoS Attacks in Q4 white paper. A faster DDoS mitigation response can reduce site outages and revenue loss.

Download the DDoS protection planning paper:

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