Get the four white paper in our DrDoS series: Gaming attacks

Fourth white paper in the DrDoS Attacks series: Multiplayer video gaming attacks

DrDoS and DDoS attacks involving the online video gaming community are widespread and harm gaming and non-gaming targets alike. In this white paper, learn about the history of online gaming, the prominence of denial of service attacks within its online communities, and the repercussions for denial of service from the explosive growth of online gaming infrastructures.

In this white paper, PLXsert explains:

  • Why DDoS attacks occur in online gaming communities
  • The history of DrDoS attacks in online gaming
  • DrDoS attack tools that use gaming servers – including Quake, Half Life and Call of Duty – to attack non-gaming targets
  • A case study of a DrDoS attack against a financial services firm
  • The underground market for stressors, booters and other DDoS-as-a-Service tools that target online gaming communities

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