Get the second white paper in our DrDoS series: SNMP, NTP and CHARGEN protocol attacks

Second white paper in the DrDoS Attacks series: SNMP, NTP and CHARGEN attacks

New! Even printers may be hijacked by cyber criminals and made to participate in denial of service attacks. This white paper explains what IT administrators need to know about these kinds of distributed reflection and amplification (DrDoS) attack.

Prolexic has observed many distributed reflection and amplification (DrDoS) attacks targeting a vast array of industries. An analysis of the use of three common network protocols by malicious actors is provided in this white paper.

In this white paper you will learn about:

  • Three common network protocols used in reflection attacks
  • How SNMP, NTP and CHARGEN can be used malicious actors
  • How your printers and network devices may be employed by cyber attackers
  • How to minimize your network’s exposure and mitigate protocol attacks
  • What the internet community could do to reduce the risk

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