Strategies for Surviving a Cyber Attack this Holiday Season

An extended outage caused by a DDoS attack can lead to financial loss, and also adversely affect the reputation of your online business, customer relationships, and Google search rankings. Learn the best practices that support fast DDoS mitigation.

Before you get hit by a cyber attack, download this white paper to learn about best practices and proven techniques to minimize outages if your site were to be targeted this holiday season.


“Minutes count when DDoS attacks hit. The faster that DDoS mitigation services can be deployed, the shorter the outage experienced by an e-Commerce site, resulting in minimized revenue loss. Based on our experience in defending e-Commerce sites against DDoS, and the success of our industry leading time-to-mitigation SLA, Prolexic has developed the following best practice recommendations for minimizing site outage during a DDoS attack.”

Don’t let your business be a casualty of a DDoS denial of service attack this holiday season. Arm yourself with the information you need to ensure DoS and DDoS protection.

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