12 Questions to Ask a DDoS Mitigation Service Provider

DoS and DDoS mitigation and protection is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Ask these questions to ensure you pick the right services for your business.

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Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your business. Denial of service DDoS attacks are increasing in complexity and frequency and it’s critical to find a DDoS mitigation provider who can match your business’ specific requirements. Download this white paper to learn how to determine which providers can defend your site against DDoS attacks – and which ones are just talk.

“The web site of a leading global cosmetics retailer came under an application layer DDoS attack. The retailer fought back using the DDoS mitigation services of two of its ISPs, but the nature of the attack was too complex and its volume too large for the ISPs to handle. The site was offline and closed for business for 72 hours, resulting in over US$1 million in lost revenue.

Why did this site go down under attack? Most likely, they underestimated the escalating strength and sophistication of today’s DDoS attacks and did not have enough insight into the malicious DDoS attackers and their strategy of hitting an online business at its weakest point.”

Don’t let your enterprise be a casualty of a DDoS denial of service attack. Arm yourself with information to effectively compare DDoS mitigation services from various vendors and make the right choice.

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