Prolexic Publishes New Executive Series White Paper: “DDoS Denial of Service Protection and the Cloud”

October 10, 2012

HOLLYWOOD, FL – (October 10, 2012) – Prolexic, the global leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services, announced today that it has published a new white paper in its Executive Series entitled, “DDoS Denial of Service Protection and the Cloud.”

While the advantages of the cloud in terms of time and cost savings are hard to resist, security in the cloud remains in question. One startling fact is that elementary security controls and features that have been used for decades to protect secure enterprise applications against DDoS attacks and other cyber threats are just starting to be introduced to cloud-based applications. Unprotected cloud-based applications and services are easy marks for DDoS denial of service attacks as well as other hacking activity.

So how can businesses still take advantage of the cloud and stay protected against DDoS denial of service attacks? And with DDoS mitigation services being delivered in the cloud, how can you be sure that your DDoS mitigation service provider can protect itself and you, their customer? To shed light on these critical questions, Prolexic has developed a new white paper about DDoS protection and network protection entitled, “DDoS Denial of Service Protection and the Cloud.”

The paper explores how businesses can protect their cloud-based infrastructures and applications against a DDoS denial of service attack by using a cloud-based DDoS mitigation service. It will also offer guidance in how to evaluate cloud-based DDoS mitigation providers in terms of the strength and sophistication of their best practices around cloud security.

“Cloud security, especially against distributed denial of service attacks, is improving, but is sadly lacking for many providers of cloud-based services,” said Prolexic President Stuart Scholly. “As the preeminent provider of cloud-based DDoS protection services, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience with the broader IT and security community to help them bolster their defenses against the increasing risk of Dos and DDoS attacks.”

A complimentary copy of the new “DDoS Denial of Service Protection and the Cloud” white paper can be downloaded for a limited time from

About Prolexic

Prolexic Technologies is the world’s largest, most trusted Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection and mitigation service provider. Able to absorb the largest and most complex DDoS attacks ever launched, Prolexic protects and restores within minutes mission-critical Internet-facing infrastructures for global enterprises and government agencies. Ten of the world’s largest banks and the leading companies in e-Commerce, SaaS, payment processing, travel, hospitality, gaming and other industries at risk for DDoS attacks rely on Prolexic for DDoS protection. Founded in 2003 as the world’s first in-the-cloud DDoS mitigation platform, Prolexic is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, and has DDoS scrubbing centers located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. To learn more about how Prolexic can stop DDoS attacks and protect your business, please visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ and @Prolexic on Twitter.



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