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The best DDoS attack Detection and Monitoring

In a world of rising distributed denial of service attacks, DDoS detection and monitoring is critical. It is not enough to rely on automated firewalls and intrusion detection appliances for DoS and DDoS detection. That’s why you need live, expert personnel to successfully protect against DDoS attacks. In fact, 100% of Prolexic’s resources are dedicated only to DDoS mitigation and network protection – and nothing else.

What separates Prolexic from other DoS and DDoS monitoring and detection providers?

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel detect denial of service attacks by directly monitoring your network traffic flow through internet-edge routers.

  • We have the largest DoS and DDoS detection staff of any provider

  • Our SOC engineers work around the clock and respond in minutes

  • We continually monitor netflow and/or applications to detect bandwidth-related anomalies, even encrypted HTTPS attacks

  • Proprietary hardware protects your encryption keys and confidential information while providing a secure way for Prolexic to monitor and stop HTTPS attacks

  • We will notify you immediately when malicious denial of service/DDoS traffic threatens your network

  • Our DDoS detection notification will provide a clear, recommended DDoS protection action plan.

Prolexic’s DoS and DDoS detection and monitoring services complement our on-demand denial of service protection and mitigation services and offer proactive, rapid-response solutions to denial of service attacks that will minimize outage time.

Flow-based and application-based DDoS detection services

Our DoS and DDoS detection and monitoring services include:

  • Flow-Based Monitoring (PLXfbm) – This service monitors netflow on your routers. It may be combined with our application-layer monitoring service (PLXabm), which detects Layer 7 DDoS attacks on HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

  • Application-Based Monitoring (PLXabm)- This service puts Prolexic’s botnet expertise on your network for precise network traffic and attack analysis, enabling us to detect application-layer DDoS attacks. With it, we can detect HTTP GET floods, including low and slow permutation DDoS attacks, and SSL/SSH encrypted”layer DDoS attacks.

With our DDoS monitoring and detection services, you will have the peace of mind that our security operations center will monitor and detect all types of DDoS attacks faster and more successfully than any other DDoS detection and protection solution.

Want to learn more? Read more about our DDoS detection services in the Prolexic DDoS Knowledge Center, or call us at + 1 (888) 368 2923.

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