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Prolexic DDoS protection stops the largest DDoS attacks

Prolexic has been protecting companies from denial of service DoS & DDoS attacks, implementing industry-leading DDoS mitigation best practices, and building the largest global, cloud-based DDoS mitigation network since 2003. Today, Prolexic’s services provide online businesses with the most advanced protection available against DoS and DDoS attacks, as well as malicious botnet activity.

Prolexic’s broad portfolio of field-proven DDoS protection solutions can keep your business safe from today’s large and complex DDoS attacks, including the increasingly common high-bandwidth denial of service DDoS attacks that many DDoS protection providers struggle to mitigate.

Prolexic helps you stay online even under the biggest DDoS attack because:

  • Since 2003, Prolexic has developed and continually improved its DDoS protection services and capabilities, resulting in a suite of easy-to-provision, effective DDoS detection and mitigation services.
  • Prolexic can rapidly deploy its services to protect your business from any type of DDoS attack, even encrypted HTTPS attacks.
  • Our in-the-cloud DDoS protection service platform enables any company doing business online to easily access our services, without purchasing equipment or employing or training specialized staff.
  • Prolexic’s DDoS protection solutions are carrier-neutral and can protect all of your traffic and global applications.
  • Prolexic’s services are all backed by an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA).

Learn more about how our Prolexic’s DDoS detection services , DDoS mitigation services and DDoS intelligence services can keep your business online before and during the largest and most complex DDoS attacks.

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