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Effective network protection against Internet attacks goes beyond enterprise IT security devices such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Sophisticated attackers will change their tactics as needed to overwhelm and bypass these kinds of static enterprise network protection systems. Cyberattackers win if they disrupt your business continuity or gain access to valuable customer data – and you lose.

Further, although Internet service providers (ISPs) can sometimes block malicious IT security threats from reaching your network, they usually have to stop all traffic to your site to do so – putting you out of business for days or even weeks in the event of an Internet attack.

Our dedicated network protection service is always ready

Protecting your network from live network security threats requires an active, attacker-centric security response. Prolexic provides an expert network security team that is ready to counter a denial of service (DDoS) attacker’s every move – at any time and without rest. Few businesses can afford to staff such an always-ready business network security team. That’s the advantage of Prolexic’s global, cloud-based network protection service.

With years of experience protecting the networks of hundreds of the world’s largest brands from distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), Prolexic can protect your network and maintain business continuity with attack detection, traffic routing and scrubbing, and forensics services.

Malicious attack detection

Prolexic detects and identifies denial of service (DDoS) attacks in their early stages. Denial of service attacks are often the first step hackers and other cybercriminals use to bring your site down or gain unauthorized entry. Prolexic attack detection and monitoring services recognize incoming business security threats in these ways:

  • Flow-based monitoring of your routers (PLXfbm) identifies infrastructure denial of service attacks from the Internet

  • Application-based monitoring detects application-layer attacks (PLXabm), which often mix with legitimate incoming requests with denial of service attacks. Prolexic can even detect and protect against denial of service attacks that arrive via secure HTTPS requests.

Routing and network traffic scrubbing services

Malicious Internet attack traffic routed through our global scrubbing centers is returned to your business free of denial of service attacks. Three Prolexic routing services enable rapid-response attack mitigation and network protection:

In-depth attack forensics and intelligence

Prolexic Security Engineering and Research Team (PLXsert) offers in-depth attack forensics and intelligence services to identify emerging threats, pinpoint the source of an attack and prevent future threats from affecting your business network.

In the cloud: more experience, more capacity, more bandwidth

Prolexic provides ground to cloud against denial of service attacks to hundreds of enterprises in a range of industries around the world. With network bandwidth reserves in excess of 2.3 Tbps, Prolexic can mitigate dozens of simultaneous cyberattacks – on-demand. When network protection from malicious network traffic is needed, a client’s Internet traffic can be quickly switched to pass through Prolexic’s global scrubbing system – and quickly return clean traffic, so customers remain satisfied.

Cloud-based network protection is highly effective. Prolexic not only protects your network quickly when an attack starts, but our reputation is well known in hacker communities, discouraging future denial of service attacks. Experienced members in the cyber underworld know it is a waste of their time and resources to target your network and applications when Prolexic stands in the way.

Want to learn more? Visit the Prolexic Knowledge Center for detailed customer case studies and threat advisories, or call us at + 1 (888) 368 2923.

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