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The best DDoS security operations center for DDoS protection

In a world of rising cyber threats, it’s simply not enough to rely exclusively on automated anti-DDoS tools or bandwidth reserves for DDoS detection and protection. And that’s what really separates Prolexic from other DDoS mitigation service providers. We have the largest DDoS mitigation staff of any provider and operate a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide you with the best DDoS protection.

Our anti-DDoS engineers provide always-on DDoS mitigation services that combine the latest proprietary denial of service mitigation and DDoS attack decryption tools. Because of the scale and sophistication of our DDoS mitigation network – and the skills of our engineers in our Security Operations Center – we successfully defend against DDoS attacks that overwhelm other DDoS mitigation providers.

Our Security Operations Center personnel can detect DDoS denial of service attacks by directly monitoring your network traffic flow through edge routers.

  • Upon detecting network traffic anomalies, our SOC personnel perform impact analyses and notify you of conditions that could threaten your networks
  • The information provided by Prolexic’s SOC includes a clear recommended DDoS mitigation action plan, which may include switching to immediate DDoS protection by re-routing your network traffic through the Prolexic Global Network
  • This anti-DDoS detection and protection service may be combined with Prolexic’s Application Based Monitoring Service, which alerts on application layer 7 denial of service abuses to HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

Video: A Tour of Prolexic’s DDoS Security Operations Center

Our SOC engineers work around the clock and respond in real-time. The skills and always-on availability of our SOC engineers are critical because many DoS and DDoS denial of service attacks are concerted efforts by live attackers and, as a result, the characteristics of the DDoS attack can change during the attack. Success against the most sophisticated DDoS hackers can only be achieved by responding in real time and supplementing automated anti-DoS tools with human expertise. In this way, we can distribute DDoS attack loads and combat novel hybrid attacks that have new characteristics.

Of course, building and maintaining the best anti-DDoS expertise is not easy. That’s why 20 percent of Prolexic’s fixed costs are allocated to training our DDoS protection personnel. One day each week, our SOC experts meet to discuss, develop and learn new anti-DDoS attack techniques, strategies and tools that can be applied to protect of our clients from DDoS denial of service attacks.

Why is Prolexic the best DDoS protection service?

No other company can match Prolexic in the DDoS protection we deliver to our customers every day – the fastest time-to-detect DDoS attacks, on-the-fly signature and vector changes, and the fastest time-to-mitigate a DDoS attack, which is literally minutes from when your traffic starts to flow through a Prolexic scrubbing center.

And if you use our optional DDoS detection and system monitoring service, you will have the peace of mind that the staff at our security operations center will monitor, detect, and mitigate all types of DDoS attacks faster and more successfully than any other DDoS mitigation solution.

There is no comparison between human DDoS expertise and reliance upon automated mitigation tools. Read why live mitigation is critical to effective mitigation in our whitepaper, Man, Machine and DDoS Mitigation: The Case for Human Cyber Security Expertise.

Want to learn more? Read how we have defended leading businesses from DDoS attacks in minutes in these DDoS mitigation case studies in the Prolexic Knowledge Center or call us at + 1 (888) 368 2923.

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