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Join the Protected by Prolexic program for DDoS protection

Show the world you’re protected by the gold standard in DDoS mitigation
As a Prolexic customer, your web site has the best defense against even the largest and most complex distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Now you can display the Protected by Prolexic anti-DDoS logo to let your customers, competitors, and even potential DoS and DDoS attackers know that your online business is protected by the global leader in DDoS mitigation services. It’s a clear reminder that your site is impervious to DDoS attack every time they visit your web site.

The Protected by Prolexic program offers attractive pricing incentives tailored to new or existing Prolexic DDoS mitigation customers. All we ask is that you meet certain terms and conditions, which include:

  • Display the Protected by Prolexic logo on the home page or another appropriate page on your web site
  • Agree to be featured in a Prolexic case study, which will highlight why you chose Prolexic and the DDoS protection benefits you have gained
  • Provide a testimonial quote about your DDoS mitigation experience with Prolexic upon request from an industry analyst

To learn more, download a PDF with more details on how easy it is to fulfill these conditions. Download the full Terms and Conditions.

Why display the Protected by Prolexic logo?

By displaying the Protected by Prolexic logo you are sending a strong message that you take the threat of DDoS denial of service attacks seriously enough to secure Prolexic DDoS protection, the gold standard in DDoS mitigation. This show of strength can benefit your business by:

  • Giving peace of mind to your customers that a DDoS attack won’t bring down the site they depend on for important transactions such as shopping, accessing entertainment services, account management, membership services, and more
  • Leveraging the Prolexic name as a selling point to build confidence and trust among new and existing customers and business partners
  • Demonstrating a competitive advantage over online businesses that are not protected by Prolexic
  • Warning potential cyber attackers that they will not succeed launching a DDoS attack against your site – regardless of the size or complexity of the attack – thus, deterring distributed denial of service attacks

Learn more about the Protected by Prolexic program

Join the Protected by Prolexic anti-DDoS program and show the world that you have the strongest and best DDoS defense. Contact our Protected by Prolexic team at protected@prolexic.com for more information on program incentives and how to get started.

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