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Your DDoS detection, protection and mitigation resource

DDoS attacks are constantly evolving so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, tools and techniques. Everything you need to know about how Prolexic approaches DDoS monitoring and mitigation is here in our Knowledge Center. See how other organizations are using our solutions by reading customer DDoS mitigation reports, learn from our DDoS protection experts with our DDoS protection planning white papers, track trends with our quarterly DDoS Attack Reports, and stay up to date on the latest DDoS alerts with our DDoS Threat Advisories.



Attack Reports

Quarterly attack reports are based on data collected during attacks against Prolexic's global customer base. As the world's leading DDoS mitigation provider, Prolexic is ideally positioned to collect valuable data on the origins, tactics, types, and targets of these attacks and identify emerging trends. Through data forensics and post attack analysis, Prolexic is able to build a global view of DDoS attacks.

Latest Attack Report
Previous Attack Reports

“Once we engaged Prolexic, the IPG payment form on the merchant’s site was back up in minutes.”


Alan Conder, Chief Executive Officer, IPG International Limited

Case Studies

  • U.S. Metropolitan Utility
    Prolexic defended this utility, whose automated bill payment system, website and external email were brought down by a cyber attacker.
Finance, Banking & Insurance
  • Alliant Credit Union
    Prolexic DDoS protection safeguards the availability of assets for more than 50,000 daily users
  • Arab National Bank
    After competitive search, Arab National Bank chooses Prolexic’s PLXrouted solution for DDoS mitigation
  • University Federal Credit Union
    DDoS Attacks Against University Federal Credit Union End with Prolexic
  • Henyep Capital Markets
    Prolexic keeps Henyep accessible and trading through multiple SYN, GET and ICMP flood attacks and ransom demands.
  • Entropay
    Prolexic protects a leading provider of prepaid virtual Visa cards against DDoS attacks.
  • Global eSolutions
    A leading Trading Platform Provider chooses Prolexic for DDoS Protection.
  • Online Options Trading
    Prolexic helps financial services firm avoid extortion attempt by keeping web site available during vicious Layer 7 DDoS attack.
  • IPG Holdings
    Prolexic mitigates Layer 7 GET floods targeting their payment processing platform.
General Business
  • SEEK
    Prolexic ensures uptime for Seek.com.au and for millions of Australia’s job seekers.
Government & Defense
  • Junta Central Electoral
    Hacktivist group threatens to disrupt country’s election process, Prolexic successfully mitigates DDoS denial of service attack launched against their website on Election Day.
High Tech
  • OnCourse Systems for Education
    After three attacks and two DDoS mitigation providers, OnCourse Systems for Education chose Prolexic to defend against future DDoS attacks.
Internet & Telecom
  • AmericanEagle
    Prolexic protects online revenues for Americaneagle.com and its high profile customers.
  • VirtualRoad
    Prolexic mitigates politically motivated Layer 7 attacks against web hosting company’s clients.
  • Yola
    Prolexic mitigates Layer 4 UDP Flood against this web site hosting and building company, and now protects 6 million web sites against DDoS attacks.
Media & Entertainment
  • Clickpoint
    Clickpoint! Media ensures reliability, predictability and customer ROI with Prolexic’s PLXproxy service
  • Spanish Media
    Attack on Spanish-Language News site is abandoned when traffic routes to Prolexic.
  • Krebs on Security
    Prolexic fends off Pandora DNS amplification attacks for popular cyber security blog.
  • Blogging Site
    Prolexic defends blogging Web site against six-month DDoS attack campaign.
  • Online Gaming Provider
    Prolexic mitigates 9 Gbps DDoS attacks against Singapore-based online gaming provider with no interruption to service for its 500,000 concurrent users.
  • RealVision
    When hackers see this on-line media site’s IP addresses change to Prolexic they abandon DDoS attack.
  • Content Rating Agency
    A 9 million packets per second DDoS attack brings down web site before Prolexic steps in.
  • Foundation Source
    Prolexic mitigates a strong and widely distributed GET Flood after Sunday night emergency call.
  • DDoS Protection Services: What Really Matters to e-Commerce Companies
    Prolexic customers with online retail websites rank aspects of DDoS protection and the effectiveness of types of DDoS mitigation services.
  • 1ink.com
    1ink.com gets DDoS protection with Prolexic’s PLXproxy solution
  • Spafinder
    Prolexic quickly stops a combination Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS attack after a hosting provider's mitigation capabilities fall short.
  • PayPro Global
    A Layer 7 DDoS attack by a disgruntled customer takes down a software e-commerce site. After 16 hours offline – and substantial loss of revenues – Prolexic gets PayPro online within minutes.
  • World of Watches
    Prolexic mitigates DDoS attack and keeps revenues ticking after bandwidth flood attack.
  • Parts Geek
    Prolexic stops DDoS Denial of Service campaign against popular e-Commerce web site after others fail.
  • e-Commerce Printing
    Prolexic mitigates two-week Layer 7 campaign against printed promotion items retailer.
  • “Daily Deal” web site
    When others couldn’t mitigate the latest DDoS attack, this United Arab Emirates-based daily deal site called Prolexic. Problem solved in 2 hours.
  • Jewelry Designer
    An encrypted Layer 7 attack took down the web site of a premier jewelry company for nearly three days until Prolexic brought it back online in less than an hour.
  • Fragrance Retailer
    A Layer 7 DDoS attack takes down the web site of a leading global retailer of women’s fragrances and beauty products. After 72 hours offline Prolexic gets the site back up within 5 minutes.

Threat Advisories

Prolexic Threat Advisories provide insight into specific threats and attack signatures, while providing remediation and mitigation rules, as well as other technical steps you can take to defend against them. While some Threat Reports are published and made available free of charge, subscribers to this service receive early and unrestricted access to all Reports.


“The team sensed we were working with a true partner and not just a vendor.”

Senior Vice President, Top 20 Global Bank

White Papers

Prolexic publishes white papers for both business and technical audiences. Our Executive Suite Series papers are ideal for C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CSO) that want to get up-to-speed quickly on DDoS threats, the business implications of DDoS attacks, and how to effectively defend against them. Our Technical Series papers provide a more in-depth look at DDoS mitigation and threats from an IT perspective. Technical Series papers are ideal for CIOs as well as IT and security managers.

Executive Suite Series White Papers
DrDoS Series
Industry Reports
Technical Series White Papers

DDoS Dispatch

The DDoS Dispatch features all you need to know about current and future threats, as well as information on the latest protection techniques, events and trade shows, and other resources that can help you and your company.


“We like the way that Prolexic can stop attacks immediately when we route the traffic through their servers.”


Denise Vella, Information Security Officer, Ixaris Systems (EntroPay)